how to make coffee at home using an Aeropress

Apr 20, 2020 | Brew Guides | 0 comments

A simple guide to making coffee with…

An Aeropress – A very light, sturdy and consistent coffee brewer that’s super easy to clean. It’s a simple 1.5 minute (30s-30s-30s) method that gives a clean cup of coffee with the recipe below:

Things you’ll need:

  • Aeropress (surprise!)
  • Paper filters
  • Finely ground coffee (a notch coarser than espresso)
  • Kettle with hot water
  • Timer
  • Scale (if you have, the more accurate the better)
  • Spoon

Here we go:

Step 1

Take the Aeropress apart, place a paper filter in the holder. Use hot water to pre-wet the filter paper, this removes any unwanted taste.

Pro tip: if you do this over your cup you can pre-heat that in the same time. Reassemble the filter holder with the bottom part of the Aeropress.

Step 2

Grind your coffee fine (a notch coarser than espresso), a good reference point would be finely ground salt for example. (If you purchased pre-ground coffee feel free to skip this step).

Step 3

Time to put the kettle on! To achieve a temperature of 93°C boil your water and let it sit for a minute or so.

Step 4

Grab your scale, place the cup on it with the bottom part of the Aeropress on top. Turn it on, make sure it shows zero. Pour in 15 grams of ground coffee.

Step 5

Tare your scale again to set zero point after pouring the coffee in.

Time to pour 250g/ml of hot water on the grounds: try to avoid having dry patches of coffee in the brewer, stir once and carefully remove the cup and the Aeropress together off the scale. (This takes approximately 30 seconds)

Step 6

Insert the top part of the Aeropress in, but don’t plunge yet! Let the coffee brew for 30 seconds.

Step 7

Once you’ve reached 1 minute from the moment you started pouring the water it’s time to plunge. Allow roughly 30 seconds for this part of the process, and try to be consistent with the amount for pressure applied. 

Step 8

When you hear a hiss at the end of pressing, stop and remove the Aeropress, it’s time to serve and enjoy that coffee!

Hopefully you don’t run into any pressing issues (we’ll show ourselves out), give us a shout LEt us know how it went!





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